Price Evaluations/Due Dilligence

  • How much is a Website really worth?

    If you're seriously interested in a website for sale and want to be certain everything checks out, leave it to our buddies at Centurica. This company specializes in very detailed due diligence reports for any website you might be interested in. Obviously due diligence takes time and it'll be well worth the investment if you're buying a website over $10,000.

  • can give you an expert evaluation of any domain or website. You can trust our professional team of market analysts will deliver you an accurate and scientific report.

    Your Price Valuation report contains over 32 manual and computer assisted checks, including:

    Assessment of traffic and revenue proofs provided by the seller
    Assessment of the quality and sustainability of traffic and revenue sources
    Basic Link Profile Analysis to identify future issues
    Blacklist and Spam Report checks
    Basic Maintenance Assessments
    Google Quality Guidelines compliance checks
    First hand traffic Verification and Analysis
    Keyword Ranking and position trend analysis
    More in-depth Link Profile assessments
    Traffic and revenue sustainability analysis
    A professional Website Valuation & Appraisal

  • How our Due Diligence process works

    You have a web site, internet business or digital asset that you're thinking of purchasing

    Once you've narrowed down your selection, and the business passes your own internal purchasing criteria, tell us a few details about the asset and the seller behind it and we can start straight away.

    Our team gets to work

    Every purchase and every buyer is unique, so we provide objective intelligence to guide you in the right direction. This comes from researching over 143 individual data points to create your Due Diligence report. You'll find that in addition to information, some factors are also scored or rated, allowing you to make a more informed choice about your purchase.

    The Report

    Your report is completed in three different phases, which has the benefit of multiple views from different members of our team, who all have different disciplines and online experience. Once complete, you're provided with a secure link to access your report, and contact information to ask any follow up questions.

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